LAL QILLA Basmati rice being a rich and unforgettable blend of tradition and exotic produce optimizes the spirit of a unique and incredible India. We bring the finest of basmati rice to the global palate by bringing unbridled joy to the faces of millions of our consumers worldwide.

Focused quality of highest order and undying faith, LAL QILLA has stormed to new heights and emerged as an undisputed market leader. ASCW is one of the largest rice manufacturing companies of India by any standards. Backed by a team of visionaries and committed professionals the company has carved a niche for itself and is all set to acquire new ventures world over.

Amar Singh Chawal Wala is an ISO 22000, APEDA and HACCP certified leading manufacturer in India of the Prest and Best Quality of Basmati Rice in our various brands.

The world's most relished Basmari rice is cultivated in the foothills of Himalayas. Soil and climate of the region account for the unique aroma, taste and texture of basmati rice. The word Basmati comes from the Hindi language, meaning 'Queen of Fragrance'. Basmati has a fine aromatic flavour with long and slender grains. Its perfumed, nutlike flavour and aroma can be attributed to the fact that the grain is aged, to decrease its moisture content. When cooked, it swells only lengthwise, thereby resulting in long slender grains that are dry, seperate and fluffy.


Our mission is to make the world aware of the actual taste and aroma of pure basmati rice. Our beliefs are our greatest strengths and have contributed immensely in helping us emerge as one of the world's best basmati rice millers and exporters. Taking forward the legacy of basmati rice in India. Our beleifs have re-enforced us through tthe last century and more. Reaching new heights and breaking newer grounds is the motto of ASCW.


The Basmati crop is grown under complete natural conditions and climate of the Himalayan foothills. Cultivation is carefully observed. and quality improvement measures are suggested. Right from seed quality upgrading to application of crop protection techniquea. During the milling process, it is aged for a considerable period of time to obtain the best cooking results and natural aroma.

Milling Process

Milling is the process wherein the rice grain is transformed into a form suitable for human consumption, therefore, has to be done with utmost care to prevent breakage of the kernel and improve the recovery. Located in the historical city of Punjab, Amritsar, two hi-tech rice mills of ASCW produce the best quality of basmati rice with a capacity of 535 metric ton in a day. Both plants are having facility of producing white rice, steamed rice and parboiled rice with state of art machinery to ensure consistency in every grain. To ensure our commitment to the environment, we also use rice husk (residue of paddy milling) for producing power which partially fulfills our energy requirements.


ASCW was born out of the vision of Late S.Amar Singh who started this company from a wholesale shop in the grain market at Amritsar. He wanted the world to taste and enjoy the pride of India. Yhe Original Indian Basmati Rice. With this mission in his heart. Amar Singh Chawal Wala (ASCW), a rice company was established in the early 1900's which has blossomed in a multi-crore enterprises that it is today.

In early 1960's Mr. Kartar Singh, the eldest son of S.Amar Singh joined him with a mission in heart to make ASCW a leading global company. He left the need to promote branded / packaged rice and started the business of milling, processing and marketing of branded basmati rice under the flagship of Lal Qulla.



Amar Singh chawal Wala unit II, Village chabba, Tarn Taran Road Amritsar, Punjab (INDIA)

+ 76580-55447

+91 98557-51247


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