Lal Qilla Basmati Rice For Managing Diabetes & Obesity

With years of research, Amar Singh Chawal Wala feels proud to introduce specially processed parboiled rice with low G.I..  Special techniques during cultivation and processing are being used to maintain the Low G. I. levels.  This is a remarkable research by our R & D department to help rice lovers having diabetes to maintain their low G. I. levels, when used in moderate quantities.


The Glycemic Index (G. I.) is a numerical scale used to indicate how fast and high a particular food can raise our blood glucose (blood sugar) level.  A food with a low G. I. will typically prompt a moderate rise in blood glucose.

Comparison Of G. I. Value With Other Food Products

Low G. I.    Moderate G. I.    High G. I.
Lal Qilla Diabetic Rice 50      Pineapple 66     Potatoes 94
Orange  48   Ice-cream  61 Corn Muffins 102
Honey 55     Barley Bread 65     Pizza 80


Along with the G. I. and G. L of food, Exercise, Yoga, Diet Control & Medication can be used in Diabetic Management and Weight loss.


Foods with low Glycemic Index can help to control blood sugar levels, and by doing so, may help prevent heart disease, improve cholesterol levels, prevent insulin resistance and Type-2 diabetes, prevent certain cancers, and achieve or maintain a healthy weight.


Thoroughly rinse 1 cup of Low G. I. Rice and soak for 2 hours in lukewarm water.  Add the soaked rice to 3 cups of boiling water.  Add 1 tbs. of butter or oil or margarine and salt to taste.  Cook on medium heat until the rice absorbs the water. Cover with tight lid and remove the pan from fire.   Wait for 10 – 15 minutes & serve.

Note : If the cooked rice is too hard then use more water in next cooking and if the same is too soft use less water.


  1.  Place 1 cup of soaked Low G. I. Basmati Rice in a deep microwave container, add 3 cups of water, add salt if desired.
  2.  Cover container loosely with microwave cling film and cook medium or 60% for 10-15 mins.. Allow to stand for 15 mins.

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Available packing  in 1kg & 5 kg