Amar Basmati Rice

One of nature’s finest products draws its unique aroma, and taste from the special soil and climatic conditions found only in the mighty, misty mountain ranges called the HIMALAYAS. This is where the story of each bag of AMAR BASMATI RICE begins. Trained professionals observe cultivation suggesting quality improvement methods, right from seeds quality up gradation to application of crop protection techniques. Then company experts move into the big markets where they select only the finest grains available, making sure that each grain when cooked extends 3 times of its uncooked size, therefore giving you 100% pure quality Basmati Rice with an exquisite delicate texture, flavor and aroma for which AMAR BASMATI RICE is famous for throughout the world.

Cooking Method

Thoroughly rinse 1 cup of AMAR rice and soak for 40-45 mins. in lukewarm water. Add the soaked rice to 2.5 to 3 cups of boiling water. Add 1 tbs. of butter or oil or margarine and salt to taste.  Cook on medium heat until the rice absorbs the water. Cover the lid and remove the pan from fire. Stand for 20-25 mins Serve hot with curries or sauces.

Note: If the cooked rice is too hard then use more water in next cooking and if the same is too soft use less water in the next cooking.


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Available packing in 1Kg, 5 Kg.